Recording and Mixing Studio

Williamsburg, Michigan

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Hi, I'm chase and my passion for audio recording has turned into an obsession that has lead to the creation of my own recording studio.

From solo artists ready to record their next single to bands prepared to cut an album Cyde Productions was created with the intent to do it all at a price that is tangible for any budget. With dedicated clean and saturated recording channels I focus on not only getting the job done well but creating records that are unique to your taste every time. As an engineer and studio owner I am always expanding to new concepts and techniques to transform your ideas into reality through the beautiful medium of recording and editing.


 If podcasting is your game I can accommodate with the right gear and provide an atmosphere that will have you relaxed and ready to articulate your thoughts to create the best content every time. With podcasts, voice acting, and general voice work in mind, I understand that clear and precise audio is a must and it is my highest priority to make sure you get nothing but top quality recording and editing every single time.

Especially in times like these, working and recording in person has become a real challenge and people can't always rely on doing in-studio sessions to get the job done. That is why I provide a selection of remote services to suit your audio needs without the added risks of face to face interaction. It is my personal goal as well to be a home base for local artists to do remote tracking and you should look out for that expanding list of musicians if you want to add a little bit of Northern Michigan to your next song!

Lastly, make sure you check out me contact page for inquiries but most of all never stop creating!

                                               -Chase Grant


5549 Bates Road

Williamsburg, Michigan

(231) 709-0413