Joe Rich


     From the beginning, I always knew I was going to be in the entertainment business. Music has allowed me to express myself and has helped me discover who I truly am. Since I was ten years old, I’ve been recording music with my friends and allowing it to guide me down my path. Every moment of every day is filled with rhythm, art, music, and creation if you know where to look. I use all those experiences to create music, rhythm, and art of my own.  

     I bring music with me everywhere I go. Whether I’m beatboxing, rapping, singing, or dancing, music is constantly flowing through me. I was inspired by artists like Bone Thugs-n-Harmony and Tech N9ne because they were very rhythmic with the way they projected their voices. I try and incorporate similar rhythm into my style. to hear more music check out my website

Catch ya on the flip side

Silas James


GTB Ottawa & Chippewa tribal member


      I was born in Traverse City June 6, 1996. I spent most of my life moving from place to place never spending more than a year or so in one area, I grew up listening to stories told by my elders of our history on these lands. Reading comic books, watching cartoons, listening to music and drawing all the time. My mother was raised on the south side of Chicago in the 70's who's family originally came from the Arikira tribal lands of North Dakota where my grandmother was raised with her 12 brothers and sisters. My father was raised in Grand Rapids, MI as an artist who specializes in Ottawa Traditional painting/craftsmanship. 

     Growing up I found myself drowning in music more and more as the years progressed. My older sister listened to a lot of music, I remember being really young stealing her CDs and making mixtapes with her stereo. I fell in love with hip-hop when I first heard 50 Cent's "Get Rich or Die Trying" when I was living on the Peshawbestown reservation around 8 years old. Instantly hooked I connected with these rap albums more than anything. Stories of struggle, loss and success coming from nothing along with the craziness and freedom that exists inside I started writing my own poetry along with drawing and painting. I found most of my big influences in hip hop before I reached my teenage years. Eminem, DOOM, Kanye, Wu-Tang and Biggie just to name a few.

     I fell in love with music because of what it can do compared to drawing, using pen and paper was the only way I could fully express myself for a long time. I've always considered music an art form right next to the traditional sense. Next to hip hop my biggest influences in art still stand as Gorillaz, Pink Floyd, Metallica, Flying Lotus and Eminem. Dave Correia, Greg Capullo. My father, of course. It wasn't until after seeing my uncle KC make an album back in 2005 that I realized if I really wanted to I could make music just the same. So 5 years ago I started taking it more seriously, I made my first mixtape "DOPE MF" in 2015 just to see what I could do, and there I was. 19, falling in love all over again. I make music because creating art is what I love to do. Plain and simple. I don't do this to chase a dream or to become a famous artist, in my eyes when I pick up that piece of paper I'm already living my dream. Always reminding myself not to take life too seriously



     So I came from around, but i was born in Austen, Texas in 97'. My story is kinda long and painful so I'm going to keep it short and sweet; Music ha been my life as long as i can remember. i have always had a strong passion for music of all sorts of different genre's. i don't discriminate on music, I can vibe with anything that jams. I have met many different characters along the way (some of witch are in my head) that have inspired me to chase my dreams of becoming a professional musician and to use it in action during the worlds modern revolution and make an impact on peoples lives that last forever. I cant stop. I wont stop. Music is my life.

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