Big Sharp


     Hey y'all my name is Big Sharp. I am a rapper, MC, artist, or whatever you'd wanna call it. I first got into music because I saw the effect it had on other people's lives and decided that was the way I wanted to change the world. That was when I was 7 or 8 years old so it's been roughly 10 years of making music for me, or at least aspiring to.

     My biggest inspirations would have to be Eminem, Tupac, Rakim, Immortal Technique, and Biggie. Each of them had a certain aspect of the game on lock. Eminem captured the attention of everybody with his shock factor, Tupac strived for change with every song he made, Rakim went crazy with the rhyme schemes like nobody had before, Immortal showed people that you don't have to sign to a major label to gain a following, and Biggie just killed shit constantly.


     My sole mission is to bring change in any way conceivable because I think we can all agree as a human race that change is needed.



     Born and raised in Traverse City I always wanted to become successful to make not only myself proud, but my parents too. I started pursuing music because it took over my life at such a young age. Hip Hop stood out for me when I first heard it and I never listened to  any other genre again.

     My pops inspires me in my every day life but when I'm thinking of my music inspiration I'd have to choose in no specific order: J. Cole, Tupac, Eminem, Big Sean, Drake, and many more but the list would be too long. I never let my failures get in my way and I actually feed off of them. I want nothing more than recognition and to be the best artist I can be.

Moe Staxx

Just a youngin' chasing my dream, Trynna take care of my family...


My name is Simpleton. I'm a rapper from Petoskey, MI. I believe music is the window to someones soul, it better describes the feelings that an individual lives through each day. Music has influenced me through jazz, Hip-Hop, R&b, rock, reggae, Lo-Fi and so much more. I also believe music is not only a beat, it's important as well what is being said with the tones and vibrations. I've heard my generation leans towards the beat rather than what is being told. Along the way what was said was not birthing much creativity. I hope to bring lyricism back to rap.

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