Remote Services

With the ongoing global pandemic it is harder than ever to do work in person. So to keep my lights on as well as help others with their audio needs I have come up with a  list of remote services I can provide from home!

Visit my contact page for any inquiries. Pricing is determined based on the scale of each project and will be estimated accordingly.

Audio Mixing Pult

Project Mixing Level 1

I will clean up and mix your project stems on Adam Audio AX7 near-field monitors using Logic Pro X with the goal of creating a clear and translatable mix that retains the original tone of the song with one free revision.

Making Music

Project Mixing Level 2

Level 2 includes all the features of level 1 with the added benefit of a more in-depth editing and high end plug-in based approach where I will shape the mix to your requested tone with effects like reverb, delay, compression and more. This package also includes two free revisions and the option for your final product to be mastered via my Landr subscription.

Note: If you are unfamiliar with Landr follow the link below for more information.

Radio Show

Podcast editing

I will clean up any clicks, pops, or coughs in your podcast recording as well as cut out any mistakes to make for a clean and cohesive episode. Your recording will also be enhanced with compression, limiting, and gating as needed. Finally, I can add any intro and\or outro music that you provide.


5549 Bates Road

Williamsburg, Michigan

(231) 709-0413